Mazak FMS系统称为PALLETECH,是yl23455永利独创产品,为当今的机加工行业带来了先进的自动化解决方案。这种多任务解决方案可以应对不同的制造方式和产量需求,并且yl23455永利绝大多数的卧式加工中心、立式加工中心和五轴加工中心都可应用于该系统。借助于技术通用PC平台及网络环境的PALLETECH 制造单元控制软件,车间管理人员可以在百忙中监控设备运行,看到生产计划的调整,通过网络管理工件加工程序,追踪刀具寿命及损耗以及向车间发送指令。用户可以在不增加额外成本的前提下,打断既定生产任务排序,以插入紧急任务。


PALLETECH provides flexibility in production and is efficient in both low- and high-volume production. It is available in a wide range of system layouts, including one, two and three level configurations. Furthermore, it is modular so you can easily add pallets as well as loading and wash stations – pacing your capital investment with the growth of your business. PALLETECH accommodates up to 16 machines, 6 to 240 pallets and as many as 8 loading stations. In fact, the benefits of our PALLETECH system are so great, we use it in our own manufacturing facilities.


  • Optimize your labor with one employee operating multiple machines
  • Gain a competitive edge through unattended “lights out” operation
  • Drastically improve your machine utilization
  • Convenient expansion to quickly respond to growing production needs
  • Give priority to last-minute jobs without reorganizing other work
  • Increase pallet storage while taking up minimal floor space
  • Gain the flexibility required for shorter product life cycles
  • Reduce in-process inventory and accomplish just-in-time production
  • Flexible and creative layouts can optimize manufacturing floor real estate
  • Raw material storage option keeps materials in one convenient location near your operations
  • Link two different types of Mazak machine tools together to make a fully automated manufacturing cell


  • Tilting load stations
  • Part wash stations
  • Raw material storage

Quality Control

The PALLETECH is our own unique design and because we manufacture it ourselves, we can ensure balanced workpiece capacity with our machines. Before a PALLETECH installation takes place, we offer many of our customers free simulations to make sure the PALLETECH configuration they want has the capacity to meet their workflow requirements. As such, the PALLETECH has the highest number of successful installations of any pallet handling system on the market.

Palletech Photos
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